Saturday, December 12, 2015

2015: The Year of Chad

Way back in February I made a list of 10 things that I had wanted to accomplish of the course of this year. Some of them I’ve succeeded with, others I’m continuing to work on, and still others have not panned out. But that just means I can work on them next year. Hindsight is always 20/20, so let’s take a backwards look at my 2015.

#1. The first Item on my list was travel. That, my friends, was a resounding success. To be fair, I had booked my flights before I made the list and once I made it into Spain I didn’t venture much past Barcelona, but it still counts and it was an item to check off my list. While I was away I met some incredible people and had a ton of fun (both of which were on my list. Items 4 and 7 to be exact), but it went beyond that. It reaffirmed that I can be alone and that I can be alright with it.

#2. Next up was Operation: Superhero. Alas, that one did not make it onto my list of accomplishments for the year. Fitness and Wellbeing will always be a goal, I just need to make a solid commitment to it and stop making excuses. And some monetary funds to pay for aikido and yoga would be nice too… However, my real failure is lack of motivation and, again, commitment. Hopefully 2016 sees a reversal in that.
Now, I’m not saying that I wasn’t active at all over the year. There were spurts of activity throughout the summer months and into the fall, just not as much as I would have hoped. I probably spent more time running this summer than I ever have before and I did partake in Edmonton’s first Wanderlust Festival in August. I just need to keep it regular and ongoing.

#3. Who would have thought that as a writer (or wannabe writer if we’re being accurate) communication was something that I would need to work on? It wasn’t just communication that I wanted to work on, but Sincerious Communication. Having this blog has been a great help with that. As a writer I produce my clearest communication in writing, not so much in verbalizing. I feel that through here I’ve been able to open up about my thoughts and feelings better than I have been before. Not a complete success, but not quite a failure either. Just an item to continue to work on.

#4. I mentioned that I had met some incredible people while I was travelling and let me tell you, it was pretty awesome! I met some incredible people from around the world, some of which I’m still in contact with. If I wasn’t travelling alone, I most likely wouldn’t have put myself out there like I did, and I wouldn’t have met half the people that I did.

#5. Downsizing material items that I don’t need never ever happened… However, I didn’t acquire as many items either. Just another thing to carry over to next year.

#6. I didn’t want to spend my money on frivolous items. See the above point for that one.

#7. I had wanted to go out and have fun and that has been another big accomplishment. Not only with travel, but here at home too. I spent much more time socializing with friends and just enjoying myself. Sure, I didn’t do any of my usual things that I like to do. I never made it to Fort Edmonton Park, or down to the St. Albert Farmer’s Market, or camping and fishing. But I did my share of entertaining things throughout the year from Wanderlust to heading out for drinks and darts with friends. You don’t always have to be on the move and have an event to go to to have fun, and I’ve enjoyed both my alone time and the time I’ve been surrounded by people.

#8. This is a hard point to measure on a success or failure scale. How do you decide if you’ve taken something for granted? All that is done in hindsight I suppose. What I can say, though, is that I’ve put a more effort into just being present in the moment, and not worrying about what’s behind me or what is ahead. And that, I think, is the meaning of taking something for granted. Not being in the moment to fully appreciate it.

#9. This one, I think is probably my biggest success of the year. Strengthening the relationships with my friends. I’ve gotten to spend much more time with my friends and truly appreciate them. They’ve been there with me throughout my lowest lows of the year and as I said in my Thanksgiving Post, now they get to see me happy and finally me again.

#10. Ok, this one is just the cliché item on the list. Keep in mind that when I wrote the list I was going through a lot of grief. But I added it so now I have to decide if I’ve accomplished it and here it goes. Finding myself. I don’t know… Did I? Didn’t I? Who knows? What I do know, though, is that I am still independent. I’m still not afraid of being alone. I am happy being me. I ended this point in February by asking ‘who is Chad?’ And I think I can answer that question now. This whole blog is me. It’s kind of interesting to go back and read from how I started this year to where I am right now.

I’m not going to point out which items I succeeded on and which ones I didn’t. To be honest, I don’t really care. This year was one of learning and growing and by that mentality, all the points were a success.