Sunday, April 24, 2016

People Person

There was a comment left on a post that I wrote recently regarding traveling (you can read it here), where it pretty much says that, though I don’t want to admit it, I’m a ‘people person’. After a lengthy conversation with him, Jay is adamant that I AM a ‘people person’. I wouldn’t say so myself. I mean, I like the people that I like.

That’s not to say that I’m not interested in meeting new people, I just won’t go out of my way to do it. If there’s a connection, then great. If not, oh well. I’m NOT a people person. I won’t push it. The last batch of new people that I really get along with I met through friends and currently adventure with them in Dungeons and Dragons. Though we don’t get together too often (one of our group moved to South Korea), we still investigate the Forgotten Realms and banter back and forth occasionally. I guess the old saying still stands: those who adventure together, stick together.

To be a people person, you have to be comfortable around people. You have to enjoy people. To be blatantly honest, I’m neither. I’m selective with who I choose to spend my time with. There’s a quote that I read somewhere along the way: A journey is best measured in friends, not miles. And though my miles GREATLY outweigh the amount of friends that I have, I think my friends are of the absolute highest quality. Bar none.

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  1. It's that you derive more joy in the people than the miles that makes you a people person.