Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Another Spring of Changes

This Spring has been another one full of changes for me. Not as drastic as last year, that’s for sure, but still some significant ones. The two biggest changes by far are work place and living accommodations.

The Changes:

A couple of the items that add personality to my office.
I also have a copy of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings on my desk

Back in October I was offered another temp job doing administrative work. Not really my type of thing, but it paid well and I had temped there before making it a familiar environment. That job was supposed to last until the Christmas break. I wasn’t given an official end date and I just kept showing up. I mean, as long as I’m getting paid why not? Then back in March I was offered a permanent position there. In an economic climate where people are losing jobs everyday I would be an idiot to turn the opportunity down. This job actually means I have some financial security for the first time in my life. It pays the bills, and it'll be funding future plans that I have. And that's what matters the most.

When my lease was coming to an end at my apartment, my friend Cassie made the suggestion that I move in with her. Doing the math, I’d be saving upwards of $600/month and that sounded pretty damn good to me. Besides, some company and conversation every now and then seemed like a good idea. I decided to take her up on the offer and, truth be told, I’m pretty glad I did. Though I haven’t personalized the basement much (I haven’t done any decorating to make it ‘mine’), it’s comfortable here and home should be comfortable.

Looking Ahead:

I have a few plans for the future. I’ve kind of been house-hunting, but haven’t yet found one that is the right fit. And if I’m being completely honest I’m in no real rush. Cassie’s made it clear that she’s in no rush for me to leave, so as long as she can put up with me for a while I think I’m going to stay put.
Japan 2017, baby!!

I’m also wanting to go on another trip. This time I’m wanting to go to the Land of the Rising Sun. Japan has always been on my itinerary to travel to, and I’m currently in the position that I can do it. It won’t be for a while yet. About a year, in fact. But I can do planning and research in that time and you’d be amazed at how quickly one year can go by. Though my usual go-with-the-flow type of personality and non-planning will most likely take over when I actually DO go on my trip, it’s fun to look at everything you would like to do during a trip.

The Here and Now:

And that's been my year in a nutshell so far. A bit of changes and just trying to get into a routine for everything from writing to fitness, all while trying to spend time with friends. It's been a bit of a balancing act, really, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.



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