Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Moving Time

Well, it’s been one hell of a run in this place that I’ve called home for three years. It is time, however, to move on. I’m slowly getting my place cleaned and packed up (ever, ever so slowly. Have I ever mentioned that I’m a huge procrastinator?) and I’ll be heading off for greener pastures.

My friend Cassie made the suggestion that I move in with her and save money while I embark on house-hunting of my own and after much deliberation (because I’m a procrastinator, remember?) I decided to take her up on her offer and bank what I can for a down payment on a place. That now means I have to get my place ready for viewing. Uh oh…

After spending a year living like an unashamed bachelor, I now find myself in the miserable process of cleaning. And not just cleaning, but DEEP cleaning. Scrubbing walls, pulling out the fridge and stove and cleaning behind them, cleaning carpets… I don’t think any of those have been done in the three years that I’ve been here. Correction. I KNOW they haven’t been done since I’ve been here. Sigh. Why am I doing this again? Oh, yes. Savings of about $600/month. Makes sense.

Besides cleaning, I once again have to get used to living with someone. It’s not just my space anymore. My living habits are definitely going to have to change. Maybe it’s time to start making some positive changes on my cleaning skills (or just developing some in general). Or perhaps time to start taking better care of myself again. Eating better and exercising and whatnot. And hopefully she doesn’t mind her basement turning into the Batcave…

It’s also a chance to go through my stuff and get rid of what I don’t need and/or don't use. Step one? Paring down some clothes. Nobody needs as many t-shirts as I have, and so I’ll have to get rid of some. After that? Who knows. Maybe sell some furniture pieces? Getting rid of just the sheer amount of garbage that’s been accumulating over the last few years will do wonders. And not all of it is mine. When my ex left, she left some things as well. Ostensibly because she “didn’t want me left with nothing”. Really it's because she didn’t want the things she left. Well, I can safely get rid of all of those items.

As much as I do hate to say goodbye to my place, I’m excited (if somewhat nervous) to start a new chapter elsewhere.




  1. Woot!!! Your entering into a brave new world!

  2. Woot!!! Your entering into a brave new world!