Friday, May 29, 2015

Adventures In Packing

A backpacker is only as good as his backpack. To that end, you need to pack well and pack smart. I’ve gone through a couple attempts to pack for Europe on Tuesday, and I’m still trying to refine it.

My goal is to only bring a carry-on for my three-week adventure, and to that end I need to pack light and smart. That means packing clothes that go well together, and limiting the amount. That also means going with as few luxuries as possible. Really, I’m alright with that. The goal is to experience things, not sit in a hostel somewhere while staying connected with everything back home.

My first attempt at packing had a bit too much items. I wasn’t able to fit it all into my bag. So after losing a few things, I tried it again. I was able to fit it all in, but there wasn’t a lot of extra room for bringing things home. And let’s be honest. Everyone wants to bring souvenirs when they go away. I also want to cut weight from the bag. Three weeks carrying around a heavy backpack doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to me. Truth be told, my backpack is already 4cm larger than allowed for a carry on. I don’t want to risk notice by having it one or two pounds heavier as well.

So after dropping my largest weighing item (my laptop, I’m bringing my iPad and a couple of camera adapters instead) I’m ready to give packing a third try. Wish me luck on my attempt!



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