Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Generational Gap

One of my regulars shared an article on Facebook recently and after reading it I found it very accurate to how things are today. People have been conditioned to think that there's always more fish in the sea, so feel free to give up what you have and go on fishing. I understand the reasoning behind the statement. It's a version of saying "It's OK. You'll survive this." But it also gives people the opinion that there's always another. There's always a replacement for what you once had. And that is the common belief that plagues my generation and the ones to follow.

I recently had a conversation about the differing generations and how things have changed. My grandparents and their generation worked hard for what they have/had. Balancing time between work and family. Hard work was a way of life. And that hard work led to strong work ethics. They didn't leave their relationships (any of them, be it work, friendly, or intimate) when things got tough. They worked them out and stood by the things that mattered. Not to say that everything was all peachy clean for everyone, but they worked things out to the best of their abilities.

My parents generation want/wanted to be the providers, often working long hours and spending more time away from their families due to work than necessary. They wanted to give their children the best things possible, not only making sure that their families were clothed and fed, but the clothes were nice name-brand clothes and the food was the prime choice of meats and/or vegetables. They also like to direct and manage, it's almost like a business type attitude. And that attitude has taken some of the independence away from their children.

My generation is very used to being directed. Almost to the point of being lost without someone telling them what to do. We are the generation of convenience and quick fixes. It's convenient to have someone tell you what to do and where to go. “There’s plenty of fish in the sea” is/was something that got spouted out quite a bit by parents that didn’t want to see their children hurt, but as stated in the first paragraph of this post, that attitude has led to a fear of attachment and commitment. Because, after all, you can always find another.

The generations after my era, the current young generations, are the entitled generation. Everything is handed to them on a silver platter and they just take and keep on taking. For them EVERYTHING is replaceable. And there are less and less consequences for their actions. It’s going to be a scary world when they start running things. The poor children of the world today is unprepared for the harsh realities of the world. You can’t spank them without people wondering if they are abusing them. You can’t raise your voice to them in public without someone judging and perhaps calling the cops on you (true story, happened to a girl I used to work with). And so, what’s the world to do? We’ve created a dilemma for ourselves and it’s so hard to go back and fix things like they were before.

But I took a very long digression from where I started this post. I guess the best option would be to leave the article here and let you give it a read. It’s kind of scary how true it is.




  1. José

    I understand your point mate. But I dont share totally about to spank or scream to a kid for teach a lesson. They will obbey because they 're scared not because they understood what's wrong.

    I'm agree with the notion of if you have kids you must to teach them values and their acts have consecuences. If not you will only have shity adults.

    So probably we will have to learn by ourselfs the consecuence of dont teach values to our kids

    Cheers mate!

    1. I agree with you that sparking and raising your voice to children isn't the way to teach morals and values. But for many people, they are at a loss for dealing with their children.

      What I wanted to highlight was lack of consequences for children's actions, which ill prepares them for the world outside of school.

      What kind of world would rather fire a teacher than hand out a 0% grade because a student failed to hand in an assignment? It leads to a whole entitled generation where there are no consequences for their actions.

      I agree that parents need to teach morals and ethics to their children. But I also believe that children need to learn wrong is wrong. And if they keep on with the wrong and daddy's swift kick in the butt is needed to teach it, then it doesn't need to be judged by other people.

      Take care! And thanks for the comment :)