Wednesday, July 29, 2015

And Back to Reality

Summer. It’s more than half way over now and I haven’t accomplished much of anything since I’ve been back home from my Barcelona trip. Not for a lack of planning, mind you. I blame a complete and total lack of effort and motivation on my part.

I’ve been wanting to write more. Get back into things that I used to enjoy doing. Now that I don’t have anyone to focus on, I can focus on me and my happiness. And writing makes me happy. Besides, I’ll never achieve my goal of being a novelist if I don’t write. Luckily I have a couple of friends that I can talk to about writing and keep the flow of ideas and motivation coming.

Ah, fitness. I’ve wanted to be more active and eat better for quite a while now. Going through older posts on here, fitness seems to be a somewhat ongoing (though never accomplished) theme for me. Hmm… Perhaps I’ll try creating a schedule and stick to that. I need to come up with a routine and hold myself to it. And once I have more steady pay and my finances in order, I can head back to aikido and yoga for some structured and guided classes once more. Besides, I feel very strongly that Operation: Superhero needs to happen.

While we are mentioning steady pay and finances, it’s an unfortunate fact that I need to start job hunting. Not only for the sake of keeping my roof over my head or allowing me to take to the mats in both aikido and yoga, but for fun and social activities as well. Edmonton is a city of summer festivals. When we have winter for as long as we do, we need to make up for lost time in the summer. However, those events do cost money (and some are quite expensive). I’m all for free fun such as walking through the River Valley, but sometimes you just need to treat yourself and perhaps someone else to an event.



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