Friday, March 27, 2015

Dress to Impress

I’ve spent the last 7 weeks or so wearing a more… grown-up wardrobe when I’ve left my place. Generally more button-ups and less superhero clothing showing (though the t-shirts underneath are usually superhero related). I’ve also only worn a hat once in the last 7 weeks. That is a big deal. And I’ve heard mixed opinions on it. The girls at work all like the hat-less look. The regulars, however, aren’t exactly sure what to make of it.

But why the change in clothing? Why now? Well, to be brutally honest, the grown-up/casual look is hopefully going to get me noticed. Noticed at work and make me more tips, noticed by potential employers (and first impressions count for EVERYTHING), and hopefully noticed by the opposite sex.

It is an unfortunate thing that we live in a world where people make instant judgments on people solely based on appearances and not from getting to know people. That being said, I’m trying to ‘dress to impress’ lately. I would much rather be ruled out of someone’s mind based on who I am as opposed to how I look and dress. And I haven’t done away with all of my superhero clothes. I still wear them, I’m just trying to look more put together than I have been. And more put together than I actually am. I still wear my Sinceriously shirt quite often.

I’m also trying to be happy and positive. I can’t say that I succeed all the time, or even most of the time, but I’m trying. And maybe dressing a bit better will help me have a more positive and upbeat outlook on things. You never know. And I think it’s worth a try.

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