Monday, March 23, 2015

Second Winter

I must admit that I haven’t done much of anything this week besides what I’ve already written about (that being my fruitless hunt for a kitchen table). Aside from that it’s been killing myself with work, watching Lois and Clark again or being depressed over life at the moment (read this if you don’t know what I’m talking about). So all in all, it’s been your everyday typical week.

I suppose the weather is a good indicator of my mood lately. At the beginning of last week we were starting to look like spring. 15 degrees and all the snow was melting. But over night it dropped to -10 and brought about half a foot of snow. I like to think of a modified version of an exchange in the ‘Fellowship of the Rings’ movie:
“But what about Winter?” 
“You’ve already had it.”  
“We’ve had one, yes. But this Canada. What about Second Winter?”
Ah yes, our infamous Second Winter. It is only March after all. And we do live on Hoth. Or North of the Wall. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

But all that talk about the actual weather aside. At the beginning of last week I was feeling pretty good. And then, just like the weather, my mood dropped and I haven’t been able to crawl out of my own winter yet. But, if the weather is any indication, then my Spring, with fresh plants and clear skies really is just over the horizon. And if I just keep on walking in the right direction, it’ll be here in no time. And before I know it I’ll be on my second trip to Europe.

I’ve also been reading some Hemingway. ‘The Sun Always Rises’. One of my regulars, Jay, recommended it because of my upcoming trip to Spain. I must admit, I’m 45% complete the book (thank you, Kobo, for the exact percentage) and I still have no clue what it’s about… It is, of course, very dated writing. Some of the terminologies used leave me scratching my head wondering if people actually spoke that way. But it’s no different than listening to one of the Old Radio Shows. I’ll finish the book, but I’m kind of lost on the purpose of it.

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  1. I predict that book will drive you nuts. It's going to be a wonderful road trip. Enjoy the scenery. :)