Friday, March 20, 2015

Nights at the Kitchen Table

Ah, the kitchen table. A glorious thing. It brings people together. It is an impromptu desk, an eating environment, a gathering place for friends, a convenient junk collection spot much like the counter. It could be what happiness is made of. Or it creates happiness. One or the other.

After a month or so without a table, my friend Cassie and I went on a hunt to Ikea to pick one up. I had one picked out and had made trips twice before only to find that they were out of stock both times. And with that kitchen table assembled and in my dining room, I’m going to have a games night!
The only time that I’ve really had friends over, we had my friend and his fiancĂ© over for dinner. I cooked. We hosted and chatted. But aside from that I never really felt comfortable having friends over. All that’s changed. The apartment is mine now. I don’t have to share the space with anyone anymore. I can leave wet towels on the couch and walk around pants-less if I want to (not saying that it does or doesn’t happen..). It’s kind of great.

So Cassie and I, we scour Ikea, looking at all the different displays and items and such, as you must do when you wander Ikea. We find the display table that I want and take the information down. “Aisle 21 – Bin 23”. We wander some more before heading down to the actual ‘purchasable items’ area.

I’m also on the hunt for some pictures of sail boats (preferably black and white) to hang in my half-bath so the walls don’t look so bare. I figured Ikea would be a good place to look. Alas, no pictures of boats. Oh well. On to the reason for the trip!

We grab one of their carts and head to Aisle 21, Bin 23. Ikea carts are notorious for having a mind of their own. They aren’t exactly the easiest things to navigate around. Eventually we make our way to the area that we want. Glorious, glorious kitchen table! How I need thee! And…

“Temporarily Oversold”. Third time’s a charm? Not so. Still no kitchen table in my dining room. I guess games night is getting postponed… Sigh…

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