Monday, March 9, 2015

What Does the Fox Say?

Anyone who looks at my Instagram account (@distractedjedi) knows that a picture of my fox notebook means that there’s a new post on my blog. But I’ve never explained why it does. Quite simply, the fox is my favourite animal. And I bought every notebook from Target with a fox on it. So I guess it’s based on my supply of notebooks with that specific animal on it. At least that’s how it started. There are other reasons now.

There are many interpretations on symbolism for the fox, but there are also many common denominators. Most commonly they are a symbol of cunning and trickery though not often seen as evil, just as likely to help you out as they are to steal from you.  They are seen as intelligent, quick witted and pranksters. “Fox”, “Foxy” and “Vixen” have become synonymous in our English language as meaning attractiveness and sex appeal.

Outside of literature and folklore foxes mean so much more to me.They are loayal creatures, choosing a single mate for life and they show great care and devotiong in raising their young. The mother stays in the den and takes care of the pups while the father hunts to support his family, though aside from keeping them fed he doesn’t have a lot to do in the raising department. They are also highly adaptable. You’d be hard pressed to find an animal that has adapted to a wide variety of environments more readily than the fox.

So I guess for me the fox symbolizes intelligence, loyalty and adaptability. And though I am loyal to my friends and family I strive to gain intelligence and trying to adapt to my current situation, no matter how unpleasant I find it.

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