Friday, February 13, 2015

Ikea - Home of Furniture

Ah, Ikea, how I love thee. It is a great place for inspiration and furniture shopping. And it doesn’t hurt that it is affordable. Literally every single piece of furniture that is in my place has come from Ikea. And it’s all versatile, or so Pinterest would have me believe.

There were a few things that I needed to pick up to fill the space once Dani has her stuff out. And a few more yet to get (dining table and chairs…), but the place is slowly becoming mine.

I bought a sofa table that matches the TV stand and bookshelf full of DVDs. That same sofa table took the place of a dresser in the living room that Dani had received from her grandparents. It had a great use for holding all sorts of stuff, from our mail to my keys. I also bought a replacement iconic Ikea chair as Dani will be taking hers. The one that I got matches the couch. The room seems to fit and go together a bit more now.

However, the purchase that I am most excited for is a pair of RIBBA picture rails. They’ll allow me to display pictures in a unique way and use up some negative space on the wall. I am highly looking forward to making the apartment my own. Cozy and a reflection of who I am. Now, just to find out who exactly I am…

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