Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Trip of a Lifetime

Back in 2012 Dani took off to au pair in Greece for three months while I stayed home and worked. I kept it a surprise for a while, but I eventually had to break it to her that I was going to join her in December to travel with her! According to her letter, she ‘cried tears of pure joy’ when I told her I was coming. We were both excited to say the least. And not only because of travelling.

By the time I landed in Athens, Dani and I had not seen each other in person for over three months. Up until this last month, those three months were the longest of my life. Not seeing the woman you love for so long… It’s a miserable feeling. But I got there, and though I didn’t let Dani see or notice, my heart sang when I finally laid my eyes on her. I literally choked back tears. My friend Chelsea still mentions a Facebook status update that I posted on December 9th, 2012. It says, and I quote: “Sitting here in Athens with Dani Hubenig, leaving for Italy tomorrow. Man, I sure missed my girl!” If you don’t believe me, you can look back on my Facebook Profile for proof.

We saw eleven different countries in seven weeks. We wandered and toured and ate local cuisine and tried local drinks… It was a magical time. And, if it was at all possible, I fell more and more in love with her as the days and miles and countries flew by. I would have liked to propose during those magical weeks, but I couldn’t leave us with nothing to support ourselves on our return so I chose to bide my time. That decision didn’t work out for me at all. But it was a brilliant time in Europe nonetheless.

Lately a bit of wanderlust has gripped me and I decided that I need to go somewhere when my contract with the government comes to an end. Somewhere, preferable, where I can spend a prolonged amount of time and full of history. What suggestions do you have for me? I’d love to know where you are thinking!

If you are curious on our 2012/2013 trip give Dani’s blog, Out Of The Nest Travels, a read. She pretty much did daily updates of her/our time in Europe, so you can follow our adventures there. Just be sure to go all the way back to the very beginning.

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